Interactive Guide Grade 4

43 Fourth Grade Non-Core Subjects & Electives

Non-Core Subjects & Electives : : Home Economics

Sewing with Saint Anne contains fully-illustrated sewing lessons for 16 different homemaking and gift projects. Each project is labeled to indicate the difficulty level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Designed for beginners, and flexible enough to be used individually or with a group or co-op. A sewing machine is helpful, but not required. Patterns included. Extra: Enjoy historical features such as “Pins and Needles,” “A Bit about the Humble Apron,” “History of Quilting,” and others.

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Non-Core Subjects & Electives : : Critical-Thinking Skills

A Catholic Garden of Puzzles includes 77 word puzzles to intrigue and educate: Vowel-less Puzzles, Restoration Puzzles, Cryptograms, Logic Puzzles, and more! These challenging word puzzles teach and reinforce the truths of our Faith while improving our children’s spelling and critical-thinking skills. Permission is granted to make additional copies of the puzzles for immediate family members.

Non-Core Subjects & Electives : : Art

The uplifting Christian content, affordable price, and 36 well-planned lessons make the Art with a Purpose Series a favorite program. Artpac 4 (Grade 4) includes instruction in shading, tracing, grid drawing, making greeting cards, perspective drawing, free hand drawing, beginning with simple shapes and adding detail, and more.

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