Interactive Guide Grade 4

22 Fourth Grade Core Subjects : : Grammar & Composition (Language of God, Level C: Sample Lesson)

Pesky Pronouns and Apostrophes

The pronoun your is often confused with the contraction you’re . Remember that you’re is a short way to write ‘you are.’ If you are un sure which spelling to use, say ‘you are’ in place of the word and listen to see if the sentence still makes sense.

Your cat is scratching at the door. You are cat is scratching at the door.

Which spelling makes sense?


Is it YOUR or YOU’RE? Print the correct word. 1. Zip up ______________ overcoat; it’s cold outside! 2. Is it _____________ turn to wash the dishes? 3. If you don’t hurry, ____________ going to be late for the game! 4. Excuse me, but _____________ standing on my foot. BBBBBBBBBBBBB 'DG QHHGV D KDQG EULQJLQJ LQ WKH ¿UHZRRG 6. Please answer “Here!” when I call ____________ name. 7. ______________ to be at the swimming pool at ten o’clock. 8. I think that ___________ next in line, aren’t you? 9. Why is ____________ toothpaste in the refrigerator? 10. ____________ so comical!

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