Interactive Guide Grade 4

Language of God, Level C


(Sample Lesson)

Pronouns: Me and I

Pronouns take the place of nouns. Pronouns often take the place of names. The pronouns I and me have their own special places in sen tences. I is part of the subject and comes before a verb. Me is part of the predicate and comes after a verb.




ate six pieces of sausage pizza at dinner.

Subject Predicate Too much pizza gave me a stomach ache.

When I share the subject with another person, I always put myself last.

Nick and I will make blueberry pancakes for breakfast.


Print the correct pronoun. 1. Nathan and [ me I ] ______went to Adoration last Wednesday. 2. Nathan shared his prayer book with [ me I ]_________. 3. Then Father asked [ me I ]__________ to lead the rosary. 4. Mom, may Nathan and [ me I ] _______ go again next week? 5. That red toothbrush belongs to [ me I ]________. 6. [ Me I ] _________ made my bed before breakfast. 7. Our Lord comes to dwell in [ me I ]_________ in Holy Communion.

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