Interactive Guide Grade 4

Language of God, Level C


(Sample Lesson)

Find and circle the verb in each sentence. If the word shows action, write ‘act’ in the blank. If the word shows state of being, write ‘be.’ More Action and State of Being Verbs A.

1. ________ It is a sunny Sunday morning. 2. ________ Rafael comes to the park early. 3. ________ His new sailboat is on the sparkling water. 4. ________ Rocks are warm under his feet.

5. ________ A gentle breeze blows his boat toward him. 6. ________ Bright daisies grow around the pond. 7. ________ In his imagination, Rafael is aboard his boat. 8. ________ “I am the mighty captain of this fair ship.” 9. ________ Rafael thinks only of his new boat. 10. ________ Suddenly, he hears the pealing of church bells. 11. ________ Holy Rosary Church is on the other side of the park. 12. ________ Rafael looks down at his watch. 13. ________ He grabs his toy hurriedly. 14. ________ “Holy Mass is more important than being a captain.”

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