Interactive Guide Grade 4

41 Fourth Grade Non-Core Subjects & Electives (Catholic Heritage Handwriting, Level 4)

Week 1, Lesson 1 Starting at the dot, trace inside the outlined letter. Be sure to follow the arrows. Then make more letters in the blank spaces. Join letters that are joined in the examples. Aa|||| ||||||||| ÷Ä÷ÄÕ|||||||||||| AA|||||||||||| Week 1, Lesson 2: Now let’s practice words. [Write each word at least twice!] ö÷ɇïÂÑ‚ç‡ìÕ|||||||||| Ãå÷Ä‚ç‡ìÿãŸÑÕ|||||||||| ö‡ïÂÑÕ|||||||||||| ™÷ćë‡à÷ÄÕ||||||||||| æÜÏë÷ćì‡à÷ÄÕ|||||||||||


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