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Art Pads #13–15: Baroque Garland Project

Topics covered in Ever Ancient Ever New, Level 2 :

Art History: High Renaissance, Northern Renaissance, Dutch Golden Age, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Pre-Raphaelites, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Modern Art, and American Art Art Theory: The principles of design (unity, variety, contrast, movement, proportion, emphasis, repetition, balance, and rhythm); chiaroscuro and tenebrism; color theory; visual weight; symmetrical and asymmetrical balance; and more.

Art Appreciation: Over 90 picture studies of masterpieces such as Velazquez’ The Coronation of the Virgin . Art Practice: Art Pad 2 projects teach fine arts skills such as working with acrylic paints and oil pastels; still life drawings and paintings; extreme view and two-point linear perspective; crosshatching; contour drawings; grid drawings; using exaggerated and arbitrary color; compositional skills; advanced painting skills; and more!

“C HC has done everything right with its art courses. We are using Ever Ancient Ever New, Level 2 this year (completed Level 1 last year) and my children and I are just captivated by the beauty of these texts and the knowledge they impart. These are the best textbooks I’ve ever used in 22 years of homeschooling and I wish my older children had been able to use them. CHC is creating the best art textbooks of any Catholic curriculum creator, hands down. Thank you for blessing our homeschool with these books!” —Stephanie, NY

“M Y daughter was exploring some churches in Rome with her father and older sister. They popped into a church and she was excited to see this Caravaggio. She remembered it from a lesson we did in her Ever Ancient Ever New, Level 2 book. She told them all about the composition and style of the painting. We are loving this art appreciation book!” —Christina, Italy

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