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Growing in Grace & Wisdom Growing in Grace & Wisdom is a full-color religion resource designed to help your fifth-grader grow in maturity through inspirational stories and hands-on activities. The course touches on themes such as making thoughtful decisions, cultivating silence of mind and body, choosing good friends and being a good friend, using creativity to meet challenges, identifying “creativity thieves” in our lives, choosing entertainment wisely, good sportsmanship, appreciation for creation, witnessing to the Faith, the importance of prayer, and more. In the CHC Lesson Plans for Fifth Grade , Growing in Grace & Wisdom is scheduled two days a week for 21 weeks. The material is self-directed; the student reads the story the first day and completes the activity the next day. Students can complete virtually all the projects on their own, using the images and templates included in the consumable book. Full color, 150 pgs. Spiral-bound for ease of use. 8½"×11" Pages are not reproducible; each student will need his own book. GGW $24.95 This unique religion resource will introduce your student to the joy of evangelization. By compiling and mailing a family newsletter each month, your student can share the Good News of the Gospel with extended family members and friends. An abundance of content is provided: stories, articles, anecdotes, jokes, activities, decorative templates, and more! Best of all, as your student reads through the content, picking and choosing the right articles to appeal to his family and friends, he will be learning more about his Faith, too. Each month, your student will select stories, articles, and other content; add family news; make photocopies of the newsletter; and mail it off to family and friends. Sharing the Good News includes all the content, templates, directions, and checklists the student needs to prepare and mail nine monthly newsletters to friends and extended family. The course is self-directed; students can complete each monthly issue independently, using the content provided. In CHC Lesson Plans for Sixth Grade , Sharing the Good News is scheduled on two days a week for 36 weeks. Sharing the Good News

Table of Contents

Parent Introduction


Week 1: Story: God’s Secret Agent

3 –6

Activity: Cheer-Up Joke Book


Week 2: Story: Potato

13–16 17–18 19–22

Activity: Illuminated Bookmark

Week 3: Story: The Discontented Mill Window

Activity: Listening and Looking


Week 4: Story: The Colored Lands


Activity: Beautiful World

28 29

Week 5: Story: The Father & the Son

Story: The Philosopher & the Boatman

30–31 32–34 35–37 39–42 43–50 51–57 58–62 63–71 72–74 75–81 83–85 86–88 89–95 38 82

Activity: Recipe for Happiness

Week 6: Story: His First Appearance

Activity: Bethlehem Bread

Week 7: Story: Aser the Shepherd

Activity: Praying with the Psalms

Week 8: Story: Friend of Children

Activity: Choosing Wisely

Week 9: Story: Someone to Care

Th si

Activity: Missionary of the Smile

Week 10: Story: Mary’s Sacrifice

Activity: Creativity Thieves

fil and

Week 11: Story & Poem: The Salve Regina

Activity: Growing in Grace & Wisdom

Week 12: Story: Nina’s Trial

Activity: Conquer Little Things


Week 13: Story: Damon & Pythias

99–100 101–102 103–104

Activity: What It Takes...

Week 14: Story: Alfred Has a Dream

Activity: Donkeys or Saints?


Week 15: Story: The Baseball Game


Activity: Playing the Game


Week 16: Story: The Friend of the Queen


Activity: Annunciation Coloring Page


Week 17: Story: Love Alone Creates

115–121 122–123 124–148

Activity: Show Your Faith!

Weeks 18–21: Personal Prayer Book

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Black and white, 212 pgs. Spiral-bound. 8½”×11” Consumable. SGN $22.95


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