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Preparing to Receive Jesus Preparing to Receive Jesus uses hands-on activities and inspirational stories to help your child “take to heart” what he is learning in preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. The course is not intended to replace your child’s catechism lessons but to develop and enrich them. Sections in this resource: Reconciliation; Holy Mass; Preparing Our Hearts to Receive Jesus. Lessons are designed to be completed at a rate of one per week for 21 weeks, but they can be accelerated to several lessons per week if need be. The non-consumable BOOK contains the inspirational short stories and lesson-by-lesson directions for completing the hands-on projects. 8½"×11" Black and white. Softcover. Spiral-bound. 70 pgs. PRJ-B $16.95 The full-color consumable PACKET includes the Holy Mass Book Project templates, color images, and other illustrative materials needed to complete the projects described in the Book. 8½"×11" Tear-off pad. 82 pgs. Pages are not reproducible; each child will need his own packet. PRJ-P $12.95

P acket Table of Contents

Welcome Letter Words to Know

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Part One: Reconciliation

Lesson 1: Act of Contrition Prayer Card Lesson 2: Child’s Examen Lesson 3: That Red Silk Frock Lesson 4: St. Michael Prayer Card Lesson 5: Confession Card Lesson 6: Confession Bookmark Lesson 7: Simplified Ten Commandments Lesson 8: Mass Book Front Cover Lesson 8: Sacred Vessels Search Lesson 9: Mass Book Pages 2-3 Lessons 10-11: Mass Book Pages 4-7 Lessons 12-13: Mass Book Pages 8-11 Lesson 13: My Rocket of Love Lessons 14-15: Mass Book Pages 12-15 Lesson 16: Mass Book Back Cover “Giving My All” Coloring Page Showing My Love for God

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Part Two: Holy Mass

Part Three: Preparing Our Hearts to Receive Jesus Lessons 17-20: Gifts of Love

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Lesson 21: Hand-Made Invitations Lesson 21: Adoration Booklet

B ook (sold separately) Table of Contents



Part One: Reconciliation Overview

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Confession

Activity: Pepper and Water Demonstration

Story: “Jeff”

Lesson 2: Examination of Conscience

Story: “Apples, Ripe and Rosy, Sir”

Lesson 3: Sorrow for Sin

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Story: “That Red Silk Frock”

Lesson 4: Purpose of Amendment

Story: “Suzy’s Dragon”

Lesson 5: Confession of Sins

Story: “What a Dollar Bought”

Lesson 6: Penance

Activity: Confession Practice Story: “The Broken Flowerpot”

Mass Book Project Image Options for Pages 10-11

Lesson 7: Preparation for First Confession

Story: “Did You Say Mortal Sin?”

See instructions in the Book, page 49.

Part Two: Holy Mass Overview

Gifts of Love See instructions in the Book, pages 55-57.

My Rocket of Love

Lessons 8–16: Mass Book Project Lesson Plan

Rockets are much too dangerous to play with, and only experienced scientists should experiment with rockets. However, it is quite safe to dream. So just suppose that you and your friends did build a rocket. You packed it full of fuel and set it on its launching pad. At a safe distance you pressed the button that fired the rocket. Into the air it rose, higher and higher until it was out of sight. You had figured the rocket’s course very carefully, and you were proud of your work when the rocket came whistling down to fall near the spot you had picked for its landing. But look! It was a stainless steel rocket that you shot into the air, but now you see that it has come back to you changed into solid gold. “Something mysterious happened to it Up There.” That would be a wonderful experience. But something still more wonderful

Lesson 8: Front Cover

Right-Away Obedience

Lesson 9: Preparing for Holy Mass

Lesson 10: Penitential Rite

Story: “Terrible Farmer Timson”

Lesson 11: Liturgy of the Word

Lesson 12: Offertory

Story: “Franz the Server”

Lesson 13: Consecration Lesson 14: Communion Lesson 15: Sending Forth Lesson 16: Living the Mass

happens every time you assist at Mass. At every Mass you launch a rocket of love. You fuel your rocket at the Offertory when, along with the bread and wine, you give yourself to Jesus. You ask Him to offer your love along with His to God the Father. Then as the priest begins the Eucharistic Prayer, your rocket soars into the air. This is the part of the Mass in which Jesus carries your love up and up—beyond the moon to the very throne of God. At the Consecration of the Mass, your rocket reaches its peak. Your gift of love is accepted by God, and changed even more wonderfully than when your steel was changed into gold. The bread and wine, which you offered as a symbol of yourself, is changed into the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Your Golden Rocket begins Its descent from God to you. From the throne of God your rocket of love comes speeding back to you. It falls, not to the ground but into your heart as you kneel to receive Jesus in Holy Communion with attention and devotion. This then is the story of your rocket of love. In the living Person of Jesus Christ, God sends your rocket back to you. As Jesus comes, let us be sure, all of us, that we are there with our hearts wide open to receive Him. Adapted from a story by Fr. Leo Trese

Story: “The Parable of Leaven According to Mama”

Part Three: Preparing Our Hearts to Receive Jesus Overview


Story: St. Therese of the Child Jesus

Lessons 17–20: Gifts of Love Project Lesson Plan

Lesson 17 Story: “No!”


Lesson 18 Story: “Honesty Rewarded” Lesson 19 Story: “George White’s Ten Dollars”

Lesson 20 Story: “Jack’s Wood Pile”

Lesson 21: Adoration

Story: “The Anchoress”

God’s love to me

51 Lesson 13

It is illegal to make copies of these pages. © 2016 Catholic Heritage Curricula

My love to God


Table of Contents for packet and book



It is illegal to make copies of these pages. © 2016 Catholic Heritage Curricula It is illegal to make copies of these pages. © 2016 Catholic Heritage Curricula


Lesson 13

It is illegal to make copies of these pages. © 2016 Catholic Heritage Curricula

Lessons 17-20

Samples from full-color packet

“T HE handmade Mass Book in Preparing to Receive Jesus has been the best thing that I have done to help my children pray during Mass. In fact, it is my belief that there is no other Mass book that compares. I have seen many printed ones and my children have received many different ones over the years, but none is capable of putting the Great Mystery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at their level with such beauty and simplicity like the Mass and Prayer Book. I say this not only to offer you sincere compliments but to let you know the impact it has had in our lives.” —Maria, FL


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