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Social Studies

Our United States of America Catholic Social Studies by Oliver Corrigan A fourth-grade course on the United States of America that is full-color, Catholic, and current! The author’s engaging text introduces students to the geography, history, economy, and culture of all fifty states, Washington, D.C., and the U.S. territories. In addition, students will study in depth the history, culture, and Catholic heritage of 20 featured states in four regions: Northeastern, Midwestern, Southern, and Western. Each of the featured states is accompanied by a “Catholic Heritage” chapter, which tells the story of an American Catholic hero such as St. Isaac Jogues; Charles Carroll of Carrollton; and Venerable Frank Parater, Eagle Scout. Meanwhile, “Mysteries of History,” “A Nation Built by Immigrants,” and “Did You Know?” sidebars introduce students to people and topics such as the Bill of Rights, Haym Salomon, Ethan Allen, the Industrial Revolution, and the Mason-Dixon Line. The Student Workbook provides exercises, enrichment activities, reviews and tests, and a complete answer key. The workbook concludes with a step-by-step, 40-page guide to exploring the history, geography, economy, and culture of the student’s own state. By the end of this nine-week “State Study,” the student will have put together a written and oral report on his state, illustrated by maps, photos, and drawings. While the student is gaining an in-depth knowledge of his own state, he will also be learning valuable researching and writing skills! Full-color Student Text: 210 pgs. Softcover. 8½"×11" USA-T $39.95 Student Workbook: 132 pgs. Softcover. 8½"×11" USA-W $14.95


Single-Subject Lesson Plan available— see pg. 70! “T HE two history books (SEA and AYL) we’ve been using are incredible! The focus on untold stories about Catholic characters

that helped discover and shaped the New and Old

World is fantastic. No other history books tell the truth about our history like these books tell it.” —Rocky, FL

From Sea to Shining Sea The Story of America This textbook covers the story of North America: the Indian nations, European colonization, and history of the U.S. up to the 20th century. Told as a series of stories with thumbnail biographies, lives of the saints, maps, and other supplemental material. Fifth grade and up. Full color. Hardcover. 466 pgs. 8"×9½" SEA-T $74.95 Teacher’s Manual offers goals, quizzes, tests, answer key for questions in the text, and more. 178 pgs. 8½"×11" SEA-M $39.95 The ever-popular Hands-on Study Guide includes ideas for hands-on activities to accompany the text. The more enhancement activities students can enjoy, the greater their understanding and retention. This Study Guide is included in CHC Lesson Plans for Fifth Grade (see catalog pg. 14) and From Sea to Shining Sea Daily Lesson Plans (see pg. 70). Optional Workbook includes varied styles of exercises for each section of the text. 103 pgs. Workbook: SEA-W $11.95 CHC’s Answer Key to Workbook : SEA-K $4.95

Single-Subject Lesson Plan available— see pg. 70!


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