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Devotional Stories for Little Folks This all-time favorite reader is now available with full-color illustrations by Catholic artist Andrea Helen Smith! These stories may be used for primary reading practice and enjoyment, for daily devotions, or as gentle examples for moral training.

Now in Full Color!

Learn more on page 25.

Devotional Stories Coloring Book Coloring pages for each story—based on the illustrations in Devotional Stories for Little Folks —are available in this Devotional Stories Coloring Book . The perforated coloring pages are arranged by story title, making it easy to hand out the page(s) that go along with the story. Learn more on page 25.

“Glub, GLUB,” burped the drain. “NO! Mommy, NOOOOO!” Alice wailed like a siren, “don’t let me go down the drain!”

83 Going Down the Drain

“I am a good cook. I don’t need a recipe book.”


117 Yellowstone Bread


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