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Literature of Treasure Trove The And the Art of Understanding It

Level 4

Lead your student to understand and love literature with this in-depth, Catholic program written by homeschooling parent Roxanna Hebson! This fourth level, designed for students in grades 7–8, studies five classic works of children’s literature: The Bronze Bow, The Miracle Worker, A Christmas Carol, Banner in the Sky, and The Fellowship of the Ring. Tentative availability date: December 2022 Turn to pages 27–31 to learn about The Treasure Trove of Literature program! An Easy-to-Use, Catholic Literature Program with Hands-On Activities

Growing up to be a better person on the inside . . . A Hands-On Religion Resource for Seventh Grade This character-building course is powerful! It contains easy-to understand lessons to encourage growth in virtue and follow-up “Good Ideas” to put into practice. This new, expanded edition is lavishly illustrated in full color and includes stories of the saints to reinforce the lessons in virtue. The Virtue Tree makes an excellent preparatory course before beginning formal Confirmation classes. Tentative availability date: December 2022 The Virtue Tree Turn to pages 56–61 to learn about Hands-On Religion Resources available now for grades 1–6!


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