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Social Studies

Explore the Continents This hands-on course guides you and your child on a directed study of the geography, climate, animals, landmarks, and saints of each of the seven continents. Explore the Continents centers around the creation of colorful poster displays which engage the child’s interest and pull together the many facts he is learning about each continent. Includes: • Geography term flashcards • Full-color images of animals, landmarks, saints, and local culture for use in making continent poster • Discussion and research questions • List of read-aloud titles for each continent • Large variety of activities including mapping fun, climograph, and fun projects • Mid-year and year-end reviews Over 250 full-color images! 133 pgs.


8½"×11" Loose-leaf, 3-hole drilled. Pages are not reproducible; each child will need his own student course. EC $26.95

“L OVING exploring the continents! ! Finished

OPTIONAL: 7 Continent Maps To make your continent studies easier, poster-sized outline maps of the

exploring North America and making the continent out of salt dough. It was wonderful to make even with my 3 year old! Looking forward to working on South America next!” —Ana, FL

seven continents are now available. 7CM $11.95 See catalog pg. 4 for more details.

Map Skills These colorful workbooks give children the tools they need to understand and use maps. All levels include full-color, illustrated lessons that facilitate strong map skills. Softcover. 48–64 pages each.



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MSB-S $13.25 MSC-S $13.25 MSD-S $13.25 MSE-S $13.25 MSF-S $13.25 MSG-S $13.25

MSB-T $6.50 MSC-T $6.50 MSD-T $6.50 MSE-T $6.50 MSF-T $6.50 MSG-T $6.50

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