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Behold and See 6 RoseMary C. Johnson, Ph.D.


Join Mike and his dad for a systematic study of physical science, ecology, and astronomy! Behold and See 6 features an engaging, conversational style and a lavishly-illustrated, full-color interior. This text is the ultimate in ease-of-use for homeschooling families. Little or no teacher prep is required! Topics covered include electricity, atoms, simple machines; interdependence, food chains, stewardship; constellations, the solar system, galaxies, and much more! Three units, 17 chapters, 356 pages. Full color throughout! 8½"×11" Softcover. BAS6-T $48.95 The Student Workbook provides exercises, research assignments, experiments, star-gazing activities, web links, and a complete answer key. 158 pgs. 8½"×11" Softcover. BAS6-W $15.95

“M Y daughter has enjoyed the past several science experiments in Behold and See 6 . Here she is with her chemical separation lab of yeast and hydrogen peroxide. This was so neat to see the balloon blow up ‘by itself’ and the contents get warm! The fun labs make learning science fun and interesting!” —Margaret, NY

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Single-Subject Lesson Plan available—see pg. 70!

Life Science Catholic Heritage Edition Michael J. Spear, M.S.


This comprehensive life science program covers basic chemistry, the six kingdoms of living organisms, human anatomy, nutrition, disease, and ecology. The modern and up-to-date textbook is lavishly illustrated and features a conversational style. The text includes fascinating mini-articles on scientific discoveries such as Fleming’s discovery of penicillin; on contemporary issues such as the myth of overpopulation; and on Catholic scientists such as Jerome Lejeune and Paul Xu Guangqi. The text is gorgeous in its own right, but the hands-on activities and experiments in the accompanying workbook put Life Science in a class of its own. The workbook features a wealth of step-by-step experiments written for and by homeschoolers, including optional microscope assignments and seven Formal Labs with lab reports. By doing science instead of just reading about it, your student will be captivated by the wonder of LIFE and the glory of life’s Creator! The formal experiments are ideal for preparing students for laboratory sciences at the high school and college level. The workbook also provides student-friendly exercises; an introduction to the microscope; detailed instructions for writing research papers; keywords for memorization; diagramming assignments; tests; and a detailed answer key. Recommended for grades 7–9.

Single-Subject Lesson Plan available— see pg. 70!

Text : Softcover. 276 pgs. Full color! 8½"×11" LS-T $49.95 Workbook : Softcover. 306 pgs. 8½"×11" LS-W $17.95


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