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Where to Purchase? Search online by ISBN to purchase these books from affordable sources. MCP Mathematics MCP Kindergarten Workbook ISBN: 9780765260543 MCP Kindergarten Teacher’s Manual ISBN: 9780765260550 MCP A Workbook

MCP Mathematics Levels K through C These worktexts for grades K–3 provide all core mathematics knowledge needed for each grade level and lay a solid foundation for future grades. The Teacher’s Manual is highly recommended, especially if your child is having difficulty with a certain concept or needs enrichment. 2005 edition. Not Common Core revised! Softcover.


ISBN: 9780765260567 MCP A Teacher’s Manual ISBN: 9780765260574 MCP B Workbook ISBN: 9780765260581 MCP B Teacher’s Manual ISBN: 9780765260598 MCP C Workbook ISBN: 9780765260604 MCP C Teacher’s Manual ISBN: 9780765260611

Saxon Math Homeschool Kits Hands-down favorite math program for homeschool students in 4th grade on up. Not Common Core revised!

4th–7th Grades: Each homeschool kit includes a Student Textbook (120 lessons, softcover); Tests and Worksheets Booklet; and Solutions Manual.



Math 5/4 Math 6/5 Math 7/6 Math 8/7

4th 5th 6th 7th

Saxon Math Homeschool Kits Math 5/4 Homeschool Kit , 3rd ed. ISBN: 9781591413479 Math 6/5 Homeschool Kit , 3rd ed. ISBN: 9781591413486 Math 7/6 Homeschool Kit , 4th ed. ISBN: 9781591413493 Math 8/7 Homeschool Kit , 3rd ed. ISBN: 9781591413509 Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit , 3rd ed. ISBN: 9781565771239 Algebra 1 Solutions Manual ISBN: 9781565771376

8th Grade: The homeschool kit includes a hardcover Textbook, Tests, and Answer Key. The Solutions Manual is available separately and is highly recommended.



Algebra 1


Q: Why does CHC recommend MCP Math instead of Saxon for K–3? A: The Saxon books for grades K–3 use a different method than the older levels. Levels K–3 were written to align with government-determined math standards, expending valuable teaching time drilling on topics that most children absorb through daily life, such as the seasons and days of the week. Many families feel that these younger levels are too time-intensive. MCP Math fits into a busy homeschooling mother’s schedule and is also easier on the budget than Saxon Math K–3. CHC switches to Saxon in 4th grade because of the high quality of the program, its spiral approach, and its ease of use at the older grade level when students are working independently.


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