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Grammar & Composition

Level A by Nancy Nicholson Advanced First/Average Second Grade 77 pgs. LOGA $15.50 Level B by Nancy Nicholson Advanced Second/Average Third Grade 126 pgs. LOGB $17.50 Level C by Nancy Nicholson Advanced Third/Average Fourth Grade 129 pgs. LOGC $17.50 Level D by Nancy Nicholson Advanced Fourth/Average Fifth Grade 133 pgs. LOGD $17.50 Level E by Christine Schintgen Advanced Fifth/Average Sixth Grade 176 pgs. LOGE $18.95 Level F by Sandra Garant Advanced Sixth/Average Seventh Grade 250 pgs. LOGF $23.95 Level G by Sandra Garant Advanced Seventh/Average Eighth Grade 321 pgs. LOGG $25.95 them this year and am amazed at the progress this young man has made in his ‘worst’ subjects, spelling and grammar! He actually said he liked them! Your workbooks are wonderful. I don’t think there is anything else out there like them.” —L.M. “I WANT to let you know how much we love your materials. I began using “T HANK YOU for these amazing workbooks. They have made our homeschool so peaceful!” —Jessica, VA

Each level of the Language of God series includes instruction in both grammar and writing composition! Grammar Lessons in Levels A through D build a strong foundation in grammar instruction, with a spiral presentation that reviews earlier concepts in succeeding levels. These levels include an appendix with journaling , dictation , and copywork assignments that give the student the opportunity to practice grammar and writing skills learned at that level. Levels E, F, and G , for middle school students, are divided into four sections: Parts of Speech, Usage, Mechanics, and Composition. The content of the exercises ranges from humorous imaginary stories to excerpts from Shakespeare and other famous authors. Review pages and proofreading exercises help the student to retain the concepts. Writing Composition Language of God, Levels A–D include lessons on writing better sentences and paragraphs as well as regular journaling assignments with topic suggestions. In the Introduction to each workbook, parents are instructed to schedule practical assignments such as letters to elderly relatives in the early levels, or letters to the editor or to their congressional representatives in Level D . Language of God, Level E provides a solid foundation in expository writing through step-by-step instructions and exercises for writing and editing a five-paragraph essay. This 50-page section includes instruction exercises in finding a thesis, writing outlines, using transitions, proofreading, and editing. Language of God, Level F builds upon Level E , covering many of the same topics at a deeper level, as well as new topics such as sentence variety, avoiding clichés, conducting interviews for research, and writing dialogue. This level guides students through persuasive writing, reports, responding to literature, and narrative writing. Language of God, Level G reinforces students’ grasp of previously introduced concepts, while adding instruction on topics such as formal and informal diction, library research, citation formats, and responding to poetry. Level G provides instruction in persuasive writing, narrative writing (fiction or non-fiction), creative writing (poetry and imaginative essays), and reports, and provides more detailed directions on responding to literature.


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