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Grammar & Composition

Would you like a Catholic grammar and composition program that not only teaches the Faith, but also demonstrates how to live the Faith within the family and world? Are you looking for a language arts program that is academically excellent, simple to teach, yet affordable? Clear directions, solid academics, affordable, character-building Catholic materials: the Language of God series.

Language of God Series Grammar and Composition

This popular series of worktexts is designed to provide the Catholic child with a solid yet family-friendly approach to grammar and composition skills, all in the context of our Holy Faith. When children search to identify nouns within an amusing story about brothers and sisters helping one another with family chores, the Faith is presented as naturally on the page as it is within the family dynamics. Each level encourages independent study and includes high-quality, bright-white, erasable paper with a lay-flat spiral binding, an uncluttered layout, entertaining content, and removable answer keys. The engaging variety of activities holds students’ interest so they are eager to begin each day’s lesson. Instructions and practice exercises are presented in an easily

understood manner, yet without needless repetition, making it simple to accomplish a page or two each day. Review exercises occur every 12 to 15 pages; these exercises may be used for review, practice, or as tests. Softcover. 8½"×11" Spiral-bound for ease of use. Answer keys included.

Sample page from Level A

My Story Page [Assign after page 20 has been completed.]

Pretend that you have a pet frog. Write two telling sentences about what you might fix for his breakfast. Remember to use a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence and a period at the end.

Apostrophes and Ownership S ometimes items can be owned jointly by people, such as a car or a house. Your toothbrush is not owned jointly. The placement of an apostrophe tells the reader about the ownership of items.

Mike and Thomas’s horse is running through the field. (One horse is owned by both Mike and Thomas.)

Mrs. Hastings’s books are on display. (Books written or owned by Mrs. Hastings.)

Notice that the verb refers to the number of the items not to the number of the owners. The horse is running. The books are on display.

Cal’s and Cecily’s mittens are on the shelf. (Cal and Cecily both own their own pair of mittens. Therefore both names receive the apostrophe s.)


68 Determine if the ownership is joint or individual. Rewrite the sentences correctly with apostrophes and the letter s .

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Examples: Sr. Mary’s and Sr. Anne’s prayer books are missing. (Each sister has her own individual prayer book, and so each name needs an apostrophe s .) Sr. Mary and Sr. Anne’s convent is located in San Antonio. (The sisters belong to the same convent, and so only one apostrophe s is used after the last name.) 1. Frances and Francis award-winning song “Celebrating Lifes Mysteries,” which turned them into celebrities, also made them too nervous to go out in public.



2. Dave and Mitzi shoes were still muddy from their long trek home.



Sample page from Level B


Photocopying of copyrighted material is strictly illegal.

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Sample page from Level F


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