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LANGUAGE ARTS Handwriting & Phonics

Level K

For preschool writing readiness, see: Little Folks Letter Practice, page 22 Little Folks Number Practice, page 40

Week 2, Lesson 2

Directions: Trace over the dotted lines. Then print the words on the blank part of the lines. Be sure to use your “start and stop” finger to space the words.

pot ///////// h ot///////// top///////// stop///////// Tom///////////

Level 1

Levels K and 1 provide story-by-story phonics practice as primary students copy letter combinations and words that they have just read in Little Stories for Little Folks (see pgs. 22–23). Starting Up 67 pgs. CHHK $16.50 (Little Folks’ Letter Practice [see pg. 22] is recommended for Kindergarten first semester; Catholic Heritage Handwriting Level K for second semester.) Moving Onward 69 pgs. CHH1 $16.50 Level 2 manuscript practice is a perfect fit for children making their First Holy Communion. The lessons build bit by bit until, by the end of the year, the student is copying out full prayers, poems, and thoughts that Level 3 introduces cursive with rollicking riddles guaranteed to appeal to eight- to ten-year-olds, holding their interest in penmanship at an age when interest often begins to wane. Reaching for the Top 86 pgs. CHH3 $16.50 Level 4 , suitable for fourth through sixth grade, provides cursive practice with a smidgen of tongue-in-cheek humor, as well as classical and Church Latin language exposure. Our Eyes Behold His Handiwork 77 pgs. CHH4 $16.50 reinforce preparation for the sacraments. Finding the Way 74 pgs. CHH2 $16.50

Week 9, Lesson 1: Long Vowel e as in ea /at////////////// r/ad///////////// pl/as////////////

10 Week 9, Lesson 2 I/can/do/little/deeds/of/kindness. Copy the sentence on the lines below.

Level 2

20 ////////////// / // //////////// / //// ////////// / ////// Week 11, Lesson 3: More word practice . . . æLJî‡ëŸÑÕ||||||||| ú‡ë÷éÁíÙíÕ| ||||||| Àë÷Ä÷ÇŸÑÕ||||||||| Week 11, Lesson 4: Copy the riddle. Then stand in front of a mirror and turn your workbook upside down to read the answer. Wøá‡òœ æɇà÷ÉÕ ÀìÿáŸÑÕ æÇÿáŸÑ‡ñÁà‚ç÷Üœ æÜÏî‚åÕ æLJë÷éÁíÙíÕ ÀìÿáŸÑÕ Àë÷é„Ä÷ÉÕ?

41 ////// // ///////// ///////////////// ///////////////// ///////////////// Week 19, Lesson 3: Copy neatly. because////////// frees//////////// Week 19, Lesson 4: Copy neatly. Confession/frees/my soul/from/sin/and/fills me/with/God’s/grace. æÇ÷é„Ä‚óÕ||||||||| ||| øá÷é„Ä‚óÕ|||||||||||| Ãå‡à‚ó‡ì‡î‡ëŸÑÕ|||||||||| øÖ‡à‚ó‡ì‡î‡ëŸÑÕ||||||||||| |||||||||||||| |||||||||||||| |||||||||||||| Week 24, Lesson 4: Please copy three times. úÿá‡ë‡àÙí‡ì‡àÕ æLJë‡î‚óÕ ƒÑÙí‡ìÕ ÃåŸÑ÷ÄÕ øã‡î‚óÕ. Week 24, Lesson 3

||||||||||| ||||||||||| ||||||||||| (£ÚìÕ Àñ„ÄÙíÕ ®í‡ì‡î÷ÇÿäÕ Àì÷éŒ ÀìÿáŸÑÕ æÇÿá‡à÷ÇÿäŸÑ‚çÕ’®íÕ øÖ÷é„éÁìÕ.) Answer:


Level 3


(TøáŸÑÕ æLJë÷éÁíÙíÕ æé‰ÖÕ úÿá‡ë‡àÙí‡ìÕ ÀàÙíÕ Ãå‡òœ øã‡à÷ÜÍá‡ìÕ.)


Level 4

Q: Is it possible to use Catholic Heritage Handwriting Levels K and 1 while using a different reading program? A: Catholic Heritage Handwriting Levels

in CHC’s Catholic phonics reading program. By utilizing the complete language arts program, the family has fewer books to purchase, fewer books to juggle (and no confusion trying to integrate separate programs), but as much language arts practice as if they had purchased a reading program, supplemental workbook, and a handwriting program on top of it all. Of course, this not only makes it easier for Mom, but also benefits the child who is just beginning to grasp reading.

K and 1 can be used to learn and practice kid-friendly penmanship no matter which reading program you use.

However, the Catholic Heritage Handwriting primary program was designed not only to teach

penmanship, but also to reduce cost for homeschoolers by incorporating integrated learning. That is, the handwriting program not only teaches penmanship, but also serves as a reading/phonics workbook, reinforcing the lessons that the student is learning

“P RACTICE makes the master! Her handwriting is so polished now. No help this time!” —Luzaideth, FL Photo of Level 1, Week 4


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