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Catholic Heritage Handwriting Series Nancy Nicholson

The Catholic Heritage Handwriting series is designed to teach manuscript and cursive handwriting skills, without overwhelming the student with too much seatwork. Assignments will leave your student looking forward to the next penmanship lesson. All levels are spiral-bound at the top of the page, much like a stenographer’s notebook, but in standard 8½"×11" page size so there is plenty of room for penmanship practice. With the novel top-spiral-binding, the page is equally comfortable for both “lefties” and “righties,” without the customary awkward center or edge binding to interfere with arm and hand movement. Most handwriting programs are printed on both sides. Catholic Heritage Handwriting pages are single-sided , which eliminates the problem of pencils and erasers gripped

in little fingers, pressing grooves, wrinkles, and holes in the paper. Better penmanship and neater papers mean little faces that beam with pride rather than frustration. Levels 3 and 4 teach a no-frills, student-friendly cursive style, similar, but not identical, to Zaner-Bloser Simplified. The difference between the two styles is that every lower case letter in Catholic Heritage Handwriting cursive begins at the bottom line,

somewhat like D’Nealian cursive. This is significant, as the formation of each letter begins at the same point, providing a consistency that facilitates formation and linkage of letters.

Sample page from Level 3

What is recommended after Level 4? The Catholic Heritage Handwriting series is aimed at kindergarten through approximately fourth grade. (Level 4 may be used for cursive practice at any grade level, after Level 3.) Because the student work load begins to intensify in middle school, parents often drop penmanship as a separate course at this juncture. For those who wish to continue handwriting practice beyond Catholic Heritage Handwriting, Level 4 , the student may gain penmanship practice by neatly completing lessons from CHC’s My Catholic Speller series. In this fashion, students may continue to hone handwriting skills without overload.

Sample pages from Level 2


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