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Q: How are the spelling

My Very First Catholic Speller* Advanced Kindergarten/Average First Grade. Level A Advanced First/Average Second Grade Level B Advanced Second/Average Third Grade Level C Advanced Third/Average Fourth Grade Level D Advanced Fourth/Average Fifth Grade Level E Advanced Fifth/Average Sixth Grade Level F Advanced Sixth/Average Seventh Grade

words in the My Catholic Spellers chosen? From beginning to end how many words will my child learn to spell? A: The My Catholic Speller series is strongly phonics-based, which means that spelling words are selected not only on their common occurrence, but also on their ability to teach spelling and vocabulary tools that may be used to decipher the identification of unfamiliar words. The child who first learns to sound out and read words with short vowel sounds, followed by words with long vowel sounds—as in My Catholic Speller A —gains the word attack skills to read and spell well in excess of 1,200 words. Of course, the speller doesn’t contain all 1,200 of those words; rather, the speller provides the tools to read and spell far more than those contained in its pages. Subsequent spellers continue the instruction in a spiral fashion, reviewing previously learned sounds and blends while at the same time introducing new constructions. On the other hand, spellers that employ the “whole language” approach (“look and guess”) teach the child to memorize perhaps 300–400 words per year but do not give the student the phonics tools to decode words beyond those on his spelling list. Thus, by the time the “whole language” student reaches fourth grade, he will be able to identify approximately 1,500 words; students taught reading and spelling via phonics will be able to decode approximately 24,000 words by fourth grade.

80 pgs. 27 lessons. MVFCS $14.25

78 pgs. 34 lessons. MCSA $14.95

98 pgs. 34 lessons. MCSB $16.50

92 pgs. 34 lessons. MCSC $16.50

96 pgs. 34 lessons. MCSD $16.50

82 pgs. 34 lessons. MCSE $16.50

82 pgs. 34 lessons. MCSF $16.50

* Before beginning My Very First Catholic Speller , the student should be able to identify ALL upper case and lowercase vowels and consonants, both by name and by their most common sounds.

Level A

Level E

I Can Spell Long i & Silent gh

Lesson Twenty-Six


Suffixes ion , tion , ation , and ive


Spelling, Phonics, & Vocabulary!

You know that long i can be made by adding signal e ( bike ). Long i is also sometimes spelled as igh . In this lesson you will learn to spell more words with silent gh . Print the list word that matches the picture. A

Word List

Word List

Understanding New Words Find the word conversion in the dictionary. Write its definition. Ask your parents to tell you about a famous convert to the Catholic Church. Find the word passion in the dictionary. Write two different definitions for the word. A

right sight light night fight high sigh bright live alive fire nine life smile sign

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

æɇà‡ëŸÑ÷LJì‡à÷éËçÕ ®í‡ì÷ćì‡à÷éËçÕ øÅÁàÿãÿã‡à÷éËçÕ ÀëŸÑÿã÷ćì‡à÷éËçÕ Ãå÷éÁì‡à÷éËçÕ ƒÑÿãŸÑ÷LJì‡à÷éËçÕ

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

/////// /////// /////// ///////


6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

æÇ÷éËç‡ì‡ë‡à‡ì‡à÷éËçÕ æćì‡ì‡ë÷Ä÷LJì‡à‡ïÂÑÕ ÀëŸÑÿã÷ćì‡à‡ïÂÑÕ æÄ÷LJì‡à‡ïÂÑÕ Àà‚ç‡ì‡ë÷é„ɇî÷LJì‡à÷éËçÕ æÇ÷éËçÿÖ‡îÙí‡à÷éËçÕ Àà‚ç‡ïÂÑ‚ç‡ì‡à‡ïÂÑÕ ƒÑ‚ó‡èŸÑ‚çÙí‡à‡ïÂÑÕ ƒÑ‚ó‡èÿã÷éÁí‡à÷éËçÕ Àè‡ë÷éÁìŸÑ÷LJì‡à‡ïÂÑÕ Àè÷ÄÙíÙí‡à÷éËçÕ æÇ÷éËç‡ïÂчëÙí‡à÷éËçÕ ƒÑÿÖÿÖŸÑ÷LJì‡à‡ïÂÑÕ Ãå‡àÿãÿã‡à÷éËçÕ

Which list words are related to the following words? Write them on the lines below. B



1. protect

8. contrite

2. confuse

9. act

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.


3. direct

10. expense


4. explode

11. invent

Print and trace the list words in which ig or igh makes the sound of long i . Circle silent g and gh . B

5. elect

12. convert

/s/ght// /s/gh///

/s/gn/// 3.

6. attract

13. introduce


7. passionate

14. effect

I want to “Bee” a helper.


52 Write the correct list words on the numbered lines. A

Photocopying of these pages is strictly illegal and a violation of copyright law.


Photocopying of these pages is strictly illegal and a violation of copyright law.



Crosswords Read the clues and print the list words in the correct boxes.


1 of her new colt, kept strangers

Crystal’s mare,



away by baring her teeth at them. Cecelia grew to realize that makeup didn’t make a person 2 so much as a face radiating the love of God. None of our efforts to win souls will be 3 unless our love shows in our actions. It is the cardinals who cast votes in the 4 of a new pope. Pray for the 5 of those countries where the Holy Name of Jesus is not known, is not loved.

ACROSS 2. Not dead. 3. To see is to have




4. One more than eight. DOWN 1. Not low. 3. See it on a happy face.




Antonyms Write the list word that has the opposite meaning.

Synonyms Write the list word that has the same meaning.



bright sign live alive night fight fire Here is a little story for you. Can you print words from the list below to finish the sentences in the story?


1. inactive

1. lovely

2. defensive

2. cheap

3. bewilderment

3. ineffective

It is the _________ before Easter. A ________ is burning at 1 2

4. certainty

4. suffering

church. The __________ fire is a sign. It is a joyful ________ 3 4

5. unimaginative

5. efficient

that Jesus is _________ again. We are also called to be 5

6. repulsive

6. costly

alive in Christ. We promise to _________ sin and bring 6

Jesus’ light to others. We will _________ our lives for Jesus. 7



Photocopying of these pages is strictly illegal and a violation of copyright law.

Photocopying of these pages is strictly illegal and a violation of copyright law.


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