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Literature & Reading Comprehension

Literature of Treasure Trove The And the Art of Understanding It by Roxanna Hebson

Levels 1& 2

To read an independent review by Cathy Duffy, go to and search for “Treasure Trove.”

Lead your student to understand and love literature with this in-depth, Catholic program written by homeschooling parent Roxanna Hebson! Levels 1 and 2 consist of a non-consumable GUIDEBOOK and a consumable NOTEBOOK which guide the student through classic works of children’s literature. Level 1 titles: Little House in the Big Woods, The Father Brown Reader, Minn of the Mississippi, The Winged Watchman, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Level 2 titles: The Wizard of Oz, Madeleine Takes Command, The Borrowers, Misty of Chincoteague, and The Magician’s Nephew The Treasure Trove of Literature, Levels 1 & 2 include: • Vocabulary; • Reading comprehension questions; • Visualization assignments in which the student draws something from the chapter; • Literary elements: setting, character, plot, and theme; • Literary devices and figures of speech (alliteration, irony, similes, and more); • Character analysis; • Weekly questions for individual or group discussion; • Weekly study of a virtuous character quality and a saintly role model; • Weekly games, projects, and activities; • Final project for each book. To encourage independent study skills, all instructional material in the Guidebook and Notebook is directed to the student. Removable parent resources include a complete answer key and a detailed guide to discussion questions. Each level is designed to be completed in one year, but could be completed more slowly. Level 1 is recommended for fourth grade, and Level 2 for fifth grade. However, they could also be used with older students, up to seventh or eighth grade. An Easy-to-Use, Catholic Literature Program with Hands-On Activities

Level 1 Guidebook: Non-consumable. 312 pgs. Spiral binding. Softcover. 8½"×11" TTL1-G $27.95 Level 1 Notebook: Consumable. 282 pgs. Spiral binding. Softcover. 8½"×11" TTL1-N $17.95 Level 2 Guidebook: Non-consumable. 278 pgs. Spiral binding. Softcover. 8½"×11" TTL2-G $27.95 Level 2 Notebook: Consumable. 270 pgs. Spiral binding. Softcover. 8½"×11" TTL2-N $17.95

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