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Favorite “Greg Stories” by Nancy Nicholson

Devotional Stories for Little Folks Topical Index

Bigger Stories for Little Folks The stories in this volume—featuring spunky Greg and the rest of the Peterson family—provide extra phonics and reading practice for those who need a little more, and offer pure enjoyment for early readers who can’t wait to read a “real chapter book.” Stories are longer than those in Little Stories for Little Folks , but shorter than those in Devotional Stories , offering a comfortable transition between instructional phonics and higher level reading. Each story is introduced with word attack and “sounding out” exercises designed to enhance reading proficiency. Successive stories include vocabulary and phonics or letter combinations introduced in the preceding story for gentle review. 21 chapters. Softcover. 122 pgs. 5½"×8½" BSLF $14.95 Devotional Stories for Little Folks Much more than entertaining reading, Devotional Stories will inspire your child to live the Faith! These stories may be used for primary reading practice and enjoyment, for daily devotions, or as gentle examples for moral training. Includes a topical index to easily locate specific subjects, quotations from Scripture and the Catechism, comprehension questions to encourage thought and spark discussion, and a complete answer key. 36 stories. Softcover. 200 pgs. 5½"×8½" DSLF $16.95 heart-tugging, “real-life” stories about living the Faith within the family. Your children will laugh—and you may cry—as they read more of the Peterson children’s holy—and sometimes riotous—adventures. Includes a topical index to easily locate specific subjects, quotations from Scripture and the Catechism, comprehension questions to encourage thought and spark discussion, and a complete answer key. 36 stories. Softcover. 199 pgs. 5½"×8½" DSLFT $16.95 Devotional Stories for Little Folks, Too This sequel to Devotional Stories is chock-full of more funny,


honesty imitating Jesus, saints Jesus, our strength judgment kindness laziness Lent love, God’s lying Mass, Holy Sacrifice of Mercy, Corporal Works of neighbor, love of obedience Obligation, Holy Days of offering up parents’ instruction, following patience permission, asking perseverance prayer, answer to prayer, constant pro-life promises, God’s Providence, God’s sacrifice, self sacrifices Saints, Communion of self-control selflessness serving God and others in little ways sharing sin, or accident sin, consequences of sin, hiding sin, overcoming speech, control of speech, kindly sports stealing sympathy talents, using for God’s glory thoughtfulness trusting in God truthfulness whining will, doing God’s work, gift of work, independent worry pouting practice talking back temptation thankfulness


adoption Advent altar boys Angel, Guardian anger appearances, deceiving appetites, proper use of authority, in family best, doing your cheerfulness children as blessings children, training Church teaching, obedience to chores Christmas Church teaching, following Church, trusting in Commandment, First complaining confession consequences consideration for others contentment contrition courage creation, goodness of criticism dark, fear of directions, following Eucharist, Holy example, good Faith, living the faithfulness families, God’s gift of family, priority of fears feelings vs. Truth forgetfulness forget, Jesus will not forgiveness friends, choosing good God, always with us God, trust in God, putting first good, discerning greed grumbling habits, good habits, overcoming bad happiness heart, God sees inside helpfulness holiness discipline Epiphany

Help! • My children think that it’s Mom’s job to do all the housework; how can I motivate them to help me without complaint and fighting? • My children are feeling peer pressure to have the latest in designer label clothing and toys; what can I do to counter this materialistic influence? • What do I do with a child who is reluctant to go to confession? • My daughter is usually a good kid, but she can be so sneaky at times; help! • How do I explain or teach any of these lessons without having my children’s eyes glaze over? Answer: Teach your children with stories that they will love! These books will say what you want to say, in a way that children will absorb. Your children will be entertained and, at the same time, learn eternal truths. Extra: Devotional Stories for Little Folks and Devotional Stories for Little Folks, Too include a topical index so you can easily locate specific subjects (honesty, obedience, etc.)!


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