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Year 1: Letter and Sound Recognition First, the child masters the names and most common consonant and short vowel sounds of all the letters of the alphabet. Pre-Reading Blends Next, the student learns to blend letter sounds to create and read short-vowel words. Story Booklets, Level 1 The student begins reading short stories constructed with short-vowel words. Level 1 contains 15 booklets. Although each child learns at a different pace, the general goal for kindergarten is to complete the 15 stories in Level 1. By the end of Level 1, your child will be reading stories with 170+ words, and will be ready in first grade to proceed to longer stories and more complex words in Levels 2–4! Year 2: Story Booklets, Levels 2–4 Levels 2–4 contain 10 booklets each. As the student progresses through the levels of stories, new vowel and consonant sounds and blends are gradually introduced. When the student completes Level 4, he will be reading at a second- to third-grade level.

No mud on the rug, Mom! Mom is glad.

No mud on the rug, Tom! Mom hands Tom a rag.

The bug hops up on the pig.

Tom has mud on him.

Read the words below and draw what they say.

The pig runs in the mud. The pig digs in the mud.

a big bug on a rug

The bug is in his hand. A big pig is in the mud.

A bug. A log. A bug is up on the log. Tom has the bug.

The Name Game a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z ___un


Mud on the Rug








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NEW WORDS AND SOUNDS up cup rug bug fun sun his an and hand WORDS THAT FOLLOW DIFFERENT RULES the


“I JUST wanted to thank you for your excellent early reading materials! I used them years ago and am now purchasing for my grandchildren to use as well.” —Kerry, MN

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What Do You Like to Do...

My Very First Catholic Speller Spelling and grammar lessons that reinforce phonics patterns in Little Stories for Little Folks . This self contained program

Catholic Heritage Handwriting, Level 1: Moving Onward This handwriting workbook provides story

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What Can You Do...

includes “Presenting the Lesson” guidelines with each lesson and a removable answer key. Cardstock letter tiles included in the back of the worktext give children practice in spelling words. 78 pgs. 27 lessons. Softcover. 8½"×11" MVFCS $14.25

by-story phonics practice as primary students copy letter combinations and words that they have just read in Little Stories for Little Folks . 69 pgs. Top spiral bound, single sided pages. Softcover. 8½"×11" CHH1 $16.50

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