Spring 2023 Catalog

Dear Friends, Welcome to the Spring 2023 Catalog! Our hearts are filled with gratitude when we think of all the joys associated with homeschooling our children. Homeschooling is a beautiful gift that God gives to us and to our children. Yes, there are days when it's a struggle to get through the “wrappings” to reach the gift, but oh, the happiness when the gift finally appears! One of the many gifts in the CHC approach is that you are only answerable to your family and to God. That is, there is no pressure to meet arbitrary deadlines; CHC families enjoy the freedom of following their own family schedule, rather than fitting their family to a schedule imposed by an outside authority. As one mom expressed it in her CHC survey response, [I love] being with my kids day in and day out—-teaching them to read— taking schoolwork "outside" on warm spring days—freedom to enjoy them without meeting "deadlines"…watching them learn about God. Another gift that homeschooling offers us is that younger children overhear what is taught to older siblings. Meanwhile, older siblings naturally share what they've learned with younger siblings, and this process deepens the older siblings’ understanding of the material. As another CHC parent shares: My son is excited about helping out his younger sister. My faith is increasing and my knowledge is growing along with my children's understanding. Things I took for granted and just accepted as part of my faith I find I have to think about in order to explain to my children. CHC helps me do this with all the wonderful materials and activities presented. Finally, there is the gift of being with our children and forming them in the Faith: I am always amazed at how drawn the children are to their CHC materials. They are constantly learning things about the Faith, saints, and virtue in the context of the academic course work. It is wonderful to see them get so excited to tell about what they have learned. We originally began homeschooling as a way to stay connected as a family, to learn and grow together and avoid the snares of negative culture pressures. After a few years of using CHC, we know that a big part of why we continue to homeschool is the quality of books and materials. It would be very difficult to surrender that. As always, remember that CHC is here for you. If you need support in your homeschooling adventure, we are here to help you. With warmest regards, Your CHC Family

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