2019 Spring Catalog

Dear Friends, Each of us has experienced homeschool burnout, especially during the cold months of the year when cabin fever hits. If your homeschool is a little downcast due to the weather and the “everyday-ness” of school, try adding some enrichment activities into your daily schedule. Learning takes many forms and lessons in art, sewing, crafting, or baking can not only be educational, but can bring back interest in learning and happy smiles to little faces. Burnout can also follow the arrival of a new baby, a move, or a new-to-CHC homeschooling child who is struggling from public school defeats or from using a too rigid program in the past. Trimming back to the core subjects listed in CHC’s lesson plans at these times will ensure that your students are still learning all that they need to, but without being overwhelmed. As the situations causing burnout ease, non-core subjects and enrichment activities can be re-introduced. CHC understands the challenge moms face of fitting in all the tasks that go along with being wife, mother, homemaker, and homeschooler. For this reason, CHC has developed lesson plans and materials that are easy to use, promote independent learning, and eliminate unnecessary busywork. As one mom shared with us, “Your materials are simple... and simply effective.” There will be seasons in our homeschools when learning happens in leaps and bounds, and other times when it happens slowly and steadily. Let’s give ourselves permission to take the slow times in our stride as we create centers of learning that are relaxed and joyful. Commending you all to Our Lord at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and to St. Joseph, faithful patron of families, T heresa Johnson

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