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Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Core Kit CORE-5 $343.40 The Fifth Grade Core Kit includes the lesson plan and all core materials except math and literature books, which can be purchased more affordably from other sources or borrowed from the library.

Also Required for Fifth Grade

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Fifth grade schedule: 5 days a week, 36 weeks

Level I

Writing Workshop

Mathematics | pg. 41 Saxon Math 6/5 Kit (3rd ed.) Literature Books | pg. 30 The Wizard of Oz Madeleine Takes Command

by Sandra Garant

Many students struggle with writing. Think about it—writing involves juggling grammar, spelling, sentence structure, logic, and knowledge. That’s a lot of elements to keep in mind for beginning writers! And that’s why Sandra Garant, author, certi fi ed teacher, and homeschool mother, developed Writing Workshops .

ISBN: 9781591413486

Directions: The electronic fi les have been formatted to use as saved fi les on a disk or computer drive, or you may print the pages. 1. Read the lesson and work the exercises and activities. These prepare you to complete the assignment. 2. Write the assignment. 3. Use a dictionary or spellcheck program. Read your assignment aloud and follow the proofreading guidelines to evaluate your work.

ISBN: 9780345335906 ISBN: 9781883937171 ISBN: 9780152047375 ISBN: 9781416927839 ISBN: 9780064409438


The Borrowers

Included in Core Kit:

Misty of Chincoteague The Magician’s Nephew

Lesson Plans | pg. 6 CHC Lesson Plans for Fifth Grade


(included) From Sea to Shining Sea Study Guide Literature and Reading Comp. | pgs. 26–27, 30 Treasure Trove of Literature, Level 2 Guidebook $27.95 Treasure Trove of Literature, Level 2 Notebook $17.95 Spelling and Phonics | pgs. 34–35 My Catholic Speller, Level D $16.50 Grammar and Composition | pgs. 38–39 Language of God, Level D $17.50 Writing Workshop, Level I E-BOOK $11.95

Non-Core Materials Non-core materials can be added as time, interest, and finances allow.

Science and Health | pg. 45 Behold and See 5 Student Text Behold and See 5 Student Workbook Religion | pg. 52 Faith and Life 5 Student Text Faith and Life 5 Activity Book Faith and Life 5 Answer Key Hands-On Religion | pg. 60 Growing in Grace & Wisdom History and Geography | pg. 50 From Sea to Shining Sea Student Text From Sea to Shining Sea Teacher’s Manual

Art & Art Appreciation | pgs. 64–65 Ever Ancient Ever New, Level 1: Textbook $44.95 Ever Ancient Ever New, Level 1: Art Pad $14.95 Home Economics | pg. 68 Sewing with Saint Anne $24.95

$39.95 $13.95

$14.95 $8.95 $4.95

Map Skills | pg. 48 Map Skills E Workbook Map Skills E Answer Key

$13.25 $6.50


Enrichment A Catholic Garden of Puzzles (pg. 69)


$74.95 $39.95

Catholic Report Card (pg. 7)



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