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Third Grade

Third Grade Core Kit CORE-3 $248.45 The Third Grade Core Kit includes the lesson plan and all core materials except math books, which can be purchased more affordably from other sources.

Also Required for Third Grade

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Third grade schedule: 4 days a week, 36 weeks

Mathematics | pg. 41 MCP Math C Kit (2005 ed.) Literature Books | pg. 28 Pinocchio

ISBN: 9780765273833

ISBN: 9780486838052 ISBN: 9780060521226 ISBN: 9780763666668

The Whipping Boy

Included in Core Kit:

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Lesson Plans | pg. 6 CHC Lesson Plans for Third Grade

Non-Core Materials Non-core materials can be added as time, interest, and finances allow.


Literature and Reading Comp. | pgs. 26–28 My First Treasure Trove of Literature

$29.95 $16.95

How to Dress a Duck

Social Studies | pg. 49 Tour a Country

Nicholson Onions in My Boots

Beth lives in the country . . . Jeremiah lives in town . . . Patrick lives in a third-  oor apartment . . . No matter where you live, you can plant and grow your very own delicious herbs,  owers, and vegetables. Why, you might even decide to plant onions in your boots!

Onions in My Boots Nancy Nicholson


Folding World Map


On a tight budget? Introduce your children to the wonder of growing the family groceries, and preparing simple recipes with the fruit of their labors. Whether planting in the free (and sometimes unusual) containers suggested in Onions in My Boots , or planting in the ground, your investment will be negligible, but the rewards priceless.

Spelling and Phonics | pgs. 34–35 My Catholic Speller, Level B Grammar and Composition | pgs. 38–39 Language of God, Level B

Illustrated by Sara Johnson

For Little Folks Dresden, OH


Handwriting | pgs. 36–37 Catholic Heritage Handwriting 3



Art | pg. 63 Art Masterpieces: Adventure Collection Teaching Booklet

Science and Health | pg. 44 Behold and See 3 Science Religion | pg. 52 Faith and Life 3 Student Text Faith and Life 3 Activity Book Faith and Life 3 Answer Key Hands-On Religion | pg. 58 At the Feet of Mary Book At the Feet of Mary Packet


$6.95 $11.95

Art Prints

Map Skills | pg. 48 Map Skills C Workbook Map Skills C Answer Key

$13.95 $8.95 $4.95

$13.25 $6.50

Enrichment A Catholic Garden of Puzzles (pg. 69) Coloring with the Saints (pg. 59)

$12.50 $8.95 $10.95

$16.95 $14.95

Onions in My Boots (pg. 69) Catholic Report Card (pg. 7)



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