Interactive Guide Grade 7

Seventh Grade Core Subjects : : Literature & Reading Comp. (The Treasure Trove of Literature, Level 4)


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students gain a more thorough understanding of the reading, and also helps students develop the thinking skill of making connections between literature and other aspects of life. Oral Narration Oral narration assignments involve more advanced thinking skills than reading review questions because they require the student to organize his thoughts. The act of narration also requires the student to visualize the events he is retelling and helps to cement the story in the student’s memory. Narration tips are provided. Discussion Questions The Discussion Questions provided in every fifth lesson go beyond recall and comprehension and require the student to think critically and interpretively. A detailed parent’s guide to discussion questions is provided. Character Quality Study Character Quality Studies focus on virtuous character traits exemplified in the reading and explore what the Bible says about the character trait, how the saints practiced it, and how the student can practice the trait in his own life.  Recommended Activities A wide variety of optional activities—including crafts, art activities, and research projects— are suggested every fifth lesson. The hands-on activities expand on what was read and are meant to bring the book to life for the student through memorable experiences.

Vocabulary The student is directed to write the definitions of words from the reading that he is unfamiliar with. This assignment gives the student an active role in expanding his vocabulary and helps him develop the habit of looking up words he does not know the meaning of. Reading Review Questions The Reading Review Questions help the student recall what he has read and ensure that he has comprehended the reading. Literary Studies Several times per week, the student will explore the literary craft the author has used to write the book. Over the course of the five books, the student will learn more about the four literary elements (setting, characters, plot, and theme) and will study literary devices such as types of conflict, dramatic irony, synecdoche, subplot, and poetic justice. Literary Connections The student will regularly complete assignments that explore various topics—especially from geography and history—that are relevant to the reading. Understanding these connections helps

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