Interactive Guide Grade 7

29 Seventh Grade Daily Lesson Plans

(Sample from Week 1)

S eventh G rade

Week 1 Goals




Lesson 1, pgs. 1-6

Lesson 2, pgs. 7-14

Saxon Math 8/7 Lessons 1-4, pgs. 1-26

Parent: Read introduction, pgs. iv-4. Treasure Trove of Literature 4: Complete Lesson 1, pgs. 6-9. The Bronze Bow: Read Chapter 1, pgs. 1-14. Read list words aloud. Discuss meaning of any new words. Complete pg. 2. Weekly goals are listed in the lesson plan and are easily checked off as complet d. Use this alone as your lesson guide if you pref r not to utilize the day-to-day lesson plan.

LANGUAGE ARTS LITERATURE & READING COMP. Treasure Trove of Literature 4 Lessons 1-5, pgs. 6-21 The Bronze Bow , pgs. 1-52 

The Bronze Bow: Read Chapter 2, pgs. 15-28. Treasure Trove of Literature 4: Complete Lesson 2, pgs. 10-12.


Complete pg. 3. Copy all list words from the lesson. Create sentences using half of the spelling list, underlining list words.

My Catholic Speller F Lesson 1: Vowel a Review, pgs. 2-3

Discuss this week’s FACT card.


Subjects: Read over the lesson, pgs. 1-2. Complete exercise, pg. 2.

Faith and Life Activity Book: Complete one or more assigned pages. Predicates: Read the lesson and complete the exercise on pg. 3. Assignments are written to the student to facilitate independent learning. Workbook 1.2

Language of God F Parts of Speech, pgs. 1-9


Faith and Life Text: Read and discuss Chapter 1, “Knowing God Through Creation,” pgs. 13-17.

CATECHISM & HANDS-ON RELIGION Faith and Life 7 Text: Chapter 1, pgs. 13-17 Activity Book: pgs. 1-4 The Virtue Tree  


Text: Read Chapter 1, pgs. 1-9. Workbook 1.1: Define keywords.

Life Science Text: Chapter 1, Introduction, pgs. 1-9 Workbook: 1.1-1.6

Study keywords.


Text: Read “Introduction: History’s Beginnings,” pgs. 1-4. Workbook: Complete #1-4, pg. 1.

Text: Read “Introduction: History’s Beginnings,” pgs. 4-10. Workbook: Complete #5-9, pgs. 1-2.

Light to the Nations I Text: Introduction, pgs. 1-13, 14-16 Workbook: pgs. 1-3

ART & ART APPRECIATION Ever Ancient Ever New, Level 2 See suggested schedule on pg. 29 in this lesson plan.   Sewing with St. Anne Piano ELECTIVES (see ideas, pg. 30) 

Spend one or two days this week reading a chapter from the textbook or completing an Art Pad project. Ample space is provided to write in appointments, remedial work, skills mastered, test scores, and enrichment activities.

Begin quilting project.


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