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Topics covered in Ever Ancient Ever New, Level 1 :

Art History: Cave Art, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Early Christian, Byzantine, Barbarian, Insular, Carolingian, Romanesque, Gothic, Early and High Renaissance Art Art Theory: The elements of art (line, shape, texture, form, value, space, and color); types of compositions; pattern; symbolism; positive/negative space; symmetry; color theory; foreground, middleground, background; perspective; and more Art Appreciation: Over 60 picture studies of great masterpieces, from the Ancient Greek Artemision Jockey to Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper .

Art Practice: Art Pad 1 projects teach fine art skills such as mixing paints; creating actual textures with tooling foil; creating implied texture with watercolors; using perspective; overlapping and shading; and more!

“I LOVE your middle school art! Ever Ancient Ever New is the best thing ever! My son’s favorite project so far is the medieval manuscript with the tooling foil. He loved learning about the barbarians! Thanks for offering it. Worth every penny.” —Zee, KY

Medieval Manuscript Project

“W E are currently beginning Ever Ancient Ever New, Level 1 and I am so pleased with everything from the set up and structure of the course to the high quality materials. Especially those of us who are not art majors, it is a great, comprehensive beginning art course for older students. Thank you for all the work you and CHC do in offering such wonderful curriculum to us.” —Debbie, NH

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