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Behold and See Science Series

simply and easily as possible, while the series’ hands-on approach allows students to actually do science instead of just learn about it. To reflect the richness and order of God’s creation, all the texts in the series feature full-color illustrations which help engage the student’s interest and awaken his sense of awe. Unlike many science books, the Behold and See texts are also homeschool family-friendly . The abundant activities and experiments are based on materials readily available to the homeschooling family, and the answer keys are included in the back of the worktext or workbook, so there is no need to buy a separate teacher’s manual.

Firmly grounded in a belief that faith and reason are inseparable, the Behold and See science series has been written to teach up-to date scientific knowledge within the context of our Catholic Faith. Scientifically excellent, these texts allow students to progress rapidly in their understanding of scientific discoveries and the scientific method. More importantly, they gently but compellingly demonstrate God’s active and foundational role in creation, and reflect on the proper use of scientific knowledge for the glory of God. The Behold and See series is distinguished by an emphasis on conceptual understanding instead of just memorization of facts. Straight-forward explanations allow students to master concepts as

Behold and See K Exploring Nature with Stories, Activities, and Nature Walks Maria Johnson This colorful worktext combines guided Nature Walks, bite-sized science facts, engaging video clips, nature read-alouds, and coloring pages into a foundational science program that holds a child’s interest as he explores the wonders of God’s creation. Nature Walks: Guided Nature Walks provide the hands-on encounter with God’s creation that is so essential at this age level. Twenty-four unique “Nature Walk Take–Along Sheets” are included in the worktext to encourage observation and prompt discovery. The book also includes a section of Rainy Day Activities.


Science Facts: Each week’s “Creature Feature” or “Nature Feature” introduces the anatomy and behavior of a different animal or plant. Then on the following page, the child learns about creatures that share characteristics with the “featured creature.” In this way, the young scientist not only learns about various plants and animals, but is also exposed to scientific methods of categorization (by habitat, by anatomical structure, by eating habits, and so on).

Creature Clips: Engaging video clips that demonstrate or expand upon the science facts are recommended for almost every lesson. Nature Read-Alouds: A list of fiction and non-fiction books is provided in Behold and See K . The list is organized by unit and week to make it easy to check out read-aloud titles from the library that are related to the nature topic of the week.

Full color. Softcover. 196 pgs. 8½"×11" Spiral-bound for ease of use. BASK $26.95


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