Interactive Guide Grade 7

5 Seventh Grade Core Subjects : : Overview Language Arts : : Literature & Reading Comprehension The Treasure Trove of Literature, Level 4 is a hands-on, Catholic literature program that builds upon Levels 1–3 by challenging students to practice the skills needed to understand works of literature on their own. A single consumable worktext guides the student through five classic works of children’s literature: The Bronze Bow, The Miracle Worker, A Christmas Carol, Banner in the Sky, and The Fellowship of the Ring. Designed for independent study—no prior literary knowledge needed by the parent! The Treasure Trove of Literature, Level 4 includes vocabulary assignments, reading comprehension, oral narration, literary devices, literary elements, literary connections, discussion questions, weekly hands-on activities, five studies of virtuous character qualities and saintly role models, and a final project for each book. Answer key included. Samples: • More about The Treasure Trove of Literature , pages 8–9 • Lesson 19 of The Bronze Bow study, page 10 • Lesson 9 of The Christmas Carol study, page 11 • Lesson 39 of The Fellowship of the Ring study, pages 12–13

Language Arts : : Spelling My Catholic Speller, Level F is an easy-to-use, self-contained program which includes all instructions with each lesson and a removable answer key in the back of the book. As in previous levels, a variety of activities are utilized in each lesson: “Understanding New Words,” “Antonyms,” “Synonyms,” “Which One?,” and more. Includes vocabulary-building exercises with a focus on Latin and Greek word origins. 34 weekly lessons, including quarterly reviews. Spelling words are listed in cursive handwriting. Answer key included. Bonus: Includes special Marian apologetics mini-course! Samples: • Lesson Twenty-Four, pages 14–15 • Table of Contents, page 15

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