Interactive Guide Grade 4

7 Fourth Grade Core Subjects : : Overview

Science and Health A full year of science and health from a Catholic perspective!

Social Studies This colorful, student-friendly program introduces students to the history, culture, and geography of the fifty States, with a special emphasis on the role of faithful Catholics in U.S. history. Children learn of Catholics who dramatically influenced the development of our country, from government leaders; to doctors who served the poor; to Native American Catholics; to a religious who saved a western town from outlaws. As students learn, they are guided to think of ways that Our Lord might be calling them to change society, and history, as well. Includes: • investigation of U.S. history and social studies • geography and map study • hands-on, “living learning” activities • worksheets and tests to complement lessons • 9-week, in-depth, hands-on state study of the student’s own state Part one, "My Temple of the Holy Spirit," is a hands-on human anatomy course. Designed for independent study, this course features a beautiful pro-life thread and Catholic perspective on the body as God’s temple. As a wrap-up activity, the student will make the “Human Body Felt Project,” an inexpensive teaching tool your student will be proud to have made. Patterns included. Part two, “ Nutrition, Health, and First Aid for Catholic Boys and Girls,” gives an excellent overview of health from a Catholic perspective. Simple, clear terms explain nutrients, disease, hygiene, exercise, how to create a balanced diet, and more. Samples: • Table of Contents, page 31 • "My Temple of the Holy Spirit," Chapter One, pages 32–33


• Table of Contents, page 35 • Samples from Student Text, page 36 • Samples from Student Workbook, page 37

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