Interactive Guide Grade 4

Fourth Grade Core Subjects : : Overview


Language Arts : : Literature and Reading Comprehension This hands-on, Catholic literature program consists of a non consumable GUIDEBOOK and a consumable NOTEBOOK which guide the student through five classic works of children’s literature: Little House in the Big Woods , The Father Brown Reader , Minn of the Mississippi, The Winged Watchman , and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe . Designed for independent study—no prior literary knowledge needed by the parent! The Treasure Trove of Literature includes vocabulary; reading comprehension; literary devices, elements, and figures of speech; character analysis; discussion questions; and weekly games, projects, and activities.

Samples: • More about Treasure Trove , pages 8–9 • Lesson 1, pages 10–11 • Lesson 5, pages 12–13

Language Arts : : Spelling

My Catholic Speller, Level C is an easy-to-use, self-contained program that includes all instructions for each lesson and a removable answer key. Spelling words in this level are listed in both manuscript and cursive handwriting. Fifteen spelling words per week. This worktext introduces brief lessons in junior apologetics through “Scriptural Answers For Every Catholic Kid.” Age-appropriate explanations of each verse are included in the back. Samples: • Lesson One, pages 14–15 • Lesson Thirty-Three, pages 16–17

Language Arts : : Grammar and Composition

Language of God for Little Folks provides a simple introduction to English grammar and composition skills in the context of our Holy Faith. No teacher’s manual is required because all necessary information, including a removable answer key, is contained within the pages of the student worktext. Includes an appendix with composition, dictation, and copywork assignments that give the student the opportunity to practice grammar and writing skills. Samples: • Table of Contents, pages 18–19 • Sample lessons, pages 20–23

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