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Dear Friends, The CHC approach is based on the belief that each child is a special gift from God and has a unique learning style, pace, and interests. Academics alone are not as important as instilling a desire to learn—one that will last a lifetime. Educational discovery and self-discipline flower when the student is engaged in academics that speak to his God-given abilities. These tender fruits, however, can wilt under the pressure of too much work or the need to fit into someone else’s mold. It is sometimes mistakenly thought that if a child is not struggling or spending at least thirty minutes on a grammar lesson, then the lesson must be ineffective. In most cases, just the opposite is true. CHC materials are designed as bite-size lessons so that a child can easily absorb and understand the concepts. Bogging the child down with unnecessary repetition causes burnout, and eventually the child does not look forward to lessons and is closed to learning. Relax. Remember that what is learned now is foundational to high school and then to college: the student doesn’t have to master everything in the elementary grades, but simply needs to get a foundation. Subjects are presented in a spiral fashion throughout the grades. That is, more and more information is gradually added to the knowledge bank. This won’t be the last year that your children will see these topics! Even if they should forget a little, you can be sure that it will be re-taught in future grades. The CHC approach works! Here are a few encouraging notes from CHC families: “I love everything CHC has to offer regarding English ( Language of God ), spelling, reading, and phonics. My background is as an English and reading teacher, and I find your materials to be top-notch... second to none.” —Courtney, FL “We originally began homeschooling as a way to stay connected as a family, to learn and grow together and avoid the snares of negative culture pressures. After a few years of using CHC, we know that a big part of why we continue to homeschool is the quality of books and materials. It would be very difficult to surrender that.” —Christine, WI “We have all grown spiritually. My eldest is academically more than a year ahead in core subjects.” —Linette, FL Thank you for welcoming us into your home; you remain in our prayers as together we “educate for eternity”! Your CHC Team

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